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Previously we shared how we snagged Dan Sallydan-sally to speak to us at our next event, you can read all about it in this post "Is Dan Sally the Funniest Dan at HubSpot?".We made a pretty funny video too, be sure to watch it.

But, being a product of the millennial generation I found the need to ask for more (most of us are pretty ambitious). This led to us acquiring a free ticket to Inbound 2014, you can read about the details in this post "Win a Ticket to INBOUND 2014!"

I get that free tickets to conferences on the other side of the country, or comedic relief, may not be compelling enough for you.

This time around I wanted to share with you some ways you can explain to your boss, or yourself if you are the boss, why there is ROI in attending our next event.

  1. Networking at a Brewery - How many chances do you get to drink and do work legitimately?
  2. Free Drinks & Food - ROI status achieved. You don't have to pay to attend, to eat, OR to drink!
  3. Free Swag - Do you live to add to your collection of mugs and branded t-shirts?
  4. Education - In digital marketing there are no "real" university degrees. We learn from events.

Also here is a simple script to say to your boss when you request to leave work early on Aug 21st:

"I value ROI and want to attend a free local event that will help educate me on how to align my marketing efforts."

Then you leave with your halo and join us for a pint on Aug 21st!

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Here is a peek at what our events look like:

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