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In our last post we announced how we snagged the coveted speaker Dan Sally aka The Funniest Dan at HubSpot.

Today we are excited to announce that one lucky attendee of our next local HUG event will win a ticket to INBOUND 2014!


How to Win: RSVP and show up to the SD HUG on 8/21. We will choose a random winner from the attendees.

These tickets are currently $1200, imagine what you could do with that sort of cash?

Here is a quick list off the top of my head:

  • Have money to spend in Boston for INBOUND
  • Buy a big screen TV
  • Get a really crappy car
  • Take a friend on a cruise
  • Buy 5 Kitchenaid mixers
  • Eat 3,600 TJ street tacos!

Have you already registered for inbound? AWESOME, we should meet up while there. Unfortunately, this contest is only for people who have not registered yet. Our group is super close to winning the grand prize of VIP status for everyone and this free ticket will count towards the total. So potentially this means 25+ people are winning! 

Our group is on target to have everyone's tickets upgraded to VIP status with 22 currently registered. (Let us know if you have already registered so you can qualify for the upgrade)


Be sure to register to attend our next event on Aug 21st at 3pm. If free conferences and upgrades aren't enough for you we will also toss you a free beer, pizza, and some swag to top it all off!

 Click Here To Register

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