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Advanced Content Strategy Workshop

A practical workshop for inbound marketers who want to create a long term content strategy they can immediately implement.

Price: $400 (group discount available)

Join Justin Champion, Principal Inbound Professor at HubSpot, and certified inbound coaches.
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Trainer and Mentors

Justin Champion
Author / Founder / Principal Content Professor Inbound Content / Inbound Strategy Camp / HubSpot
Hansen Hunt
CEO / LEADER Certified Mastery / SD HUG
Stacy Willis
Marketing Strategist BS&CO.
Kathleen Booth
VP of Marketing / Host clean.io / Inbound Success Podcast
Sannah Vinding
Director of Product Development & Marketing Visual Communications Company LLC
DJ Shirley
Director of Marketing Digitopia Agency


In this immersive half-day live online training hosted by Justin Champion (HubSpot / Inbound Strategy Camp) and Hansen Hunt (Certified Mastery), you'll learn how to grow your business by creating an end-to-end inbound strategy that attracts, engages, and delights your ideal audience. You will collaborate with peers and a certified inbound coach in order to develop a project strategy and initial content plan you can immediately begin to implement at work.


Professionals who attend this workshop will:

  • - Understand how to plan a long-term inbound strategy for their business Inbound Strategy Camp - Project Charter - Proficientusing the topic cluster framework
  • - Identify a broad topic they want their business to be known for and build authority around
  • - Identify a series of terms related to their broad topic they plan to rank for on search engines
  • - How to connect your 10X pillar content clusters together
  • - Draft a project charter for a long-term inbound strategy for their business (View Example)
  • - Earn the "Project Charter" micro-credential after submitting their strategy (View Example)


Valid Content Marketing Certification from HubSpot Academy

Who this is for:

You’re a marketer who's familiar with the Inbound Methodology, buyer personas, and the buyer’s journey. You know how to blog, create website pages, emails, and pop-up forms, but you’re not quite sure how to manage or focus your long term inbound strategy efforts to become the go-to source for the topics you want to be known for and build authority around. You’ve watched Justin’s free Introduction to Inbound Strategy workshop and you're ready to build a broad topic cluster strategy for your business.


Hear how this content strategy helped Ken Mafli make an impact at work and land his dream job.


  • Not only did it provide a clear path for building a long-term content strategy, the workshop was also extremely motivating!

    Carly Ries
    Marketing Manager at LifeStarr

  • This workshop was extremely comprehensive and delivered from individuals who are obviously passionate about content. I highly encourage anyone looking to build a strong inbound content strategy from the ground up to register.

    Dan Falco
    Marketing Manager at The National Society of Leadership and Success

  • I walked away from this workshop with lots of new ideas, templates and actionable steps that I can apply to my business.

    Alice Faggi
    Sr Marketing Strategist at Digitopia Agency

  • This isn't just a lesson to sit through - you will leave this workshop with an actionable plan to work with.

    Ashley Lawson
    Client Strategist at Beacons Point

  • Fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to learn how to build out a robust SEO content strategy.

    Chiara Burns
    Digital Content Strategist at Chief Martech Officer

  • This workshop really helped me hone my content strategy skills, and everyone was so helpful and engaged. I highly recommend it!

    Bella Mello
    Inbound Marketing Specialist at Hearst Bay Area

  • This workshop provided the perfect blend of learning and action items. We'll be able to immediately apply the key takeaways to our content strategy.

    Michael O'Brien
    Content Strategist at The National Society of Leadership and Success

  • This workshop gave me the tools and the skills to structure a content strategy that will be effective and reach the audience I have in mind. The workshop stressed setting intention when creating content, to make sure that the content serves a purpose, and I couldn't agree more with that emphasis.

    Lexius Waltar
    Community Manager at Synergy Centre CoWorks


    • Dec. 3rd

    8:00 am - 8:30 am
    Welcome, Agenda, Instructions, and Introductions
    • hansen hunt

      Hansen Hunt


      Certified Mastery

    8:30 am - 10:00 am
    Inbound Strategy Activities
    • justin-champion-headshot-817747-edited

      Justin Champion


      Inbound Strategy Camp

    • Inbound Strategy Review
    • How to Plan a Long-Term Inbound Strategy
    • Identify And Get Feedback On A Broad Topic Cluster
    • Q&A
    10:00 am - 10:30 am
    Break for Life & Food
    10:40 am - 12:30 pm
    Project Charter Working Session

    Do the practicum portion of the workshop building a project charter and long-term content strategy.

    12:30 pm -12:40 pm
    12:40 pm -1:50 pm
    Project Charter Discussion

    Everyone comes back together to presents, discuss, and receive peer feedback on their draft project charters.

    1:50 pm -2:00 pm
    Wrap Up


    Attend one workshop session or both. Register below or learn more about these workshops here.
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    Limited Seats:
    The workshop is limited to 6-12 inbound marketing professionals depending on how many certified mentors will be joining the session. 

    The cost of attending the workshop is $400 and for those who enroll in the Inbound Marketing Master Certification the registration fee will count towards your certification program cost ($400 value).

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