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  • Certified Mentors

    Justin Champion

    Principal Inbound Professor, Hubspot Academy

    Justin Champion is the author of Inbound Content, founder of Inbound Strategy Camp and Wild We Wander, and a Principal Content Professor for HubSpot Academy. Justin created HubSpot Academy’s Content Marketing Certification course, which has awarded over 100,000 certifications to professionals across the globe since November 2016. You can find him on Twitter @JustinRChampion and follow his workshop transformation series at #unboundinbounder.

  • Certified Mentors

    Kathleen Booth

    Vice President of Marketing, clean.io

    Kathleen is the VP of Marketing at clean.io, a malvertising prevention SaaS company. She spent most of my career marketing to marketers, first as owner of a digital marketing agency/HubSpot partner, then as head of marketing at IMPACT, a top HubSpot partner. After 15 years in the agency space, she was itching to go in-house and had always wanted to focus on cybersecurity. She is the host of two podcasts >> The Inbound Success Podcast (about marketing), and The Secure Communications Podcast (about cybersecurity).

  • Certified Mentors

    Hansen Hunt

    Founder, Certified Mastery

    Hansen has 15 years of inbound and digital marketing experience in B2B, B2C, SaaS, e-commerce, enterprise services, and has worked with clients across a wide variety of industries. His super powers are connecting people, ideas, and telling stories to generate demand. He has led the San Diego HubSpot User Group for 7 years teaching local professionals how to get the most value out of HubSpot.

  • Certified Mentors

    Stacy Willis

    Marketing Strategist

    Stacy Willis is whatever her title feels like that day (Marketing Strategist usually) and she works as an independent consultant with her business partner to provide clients an outsourced in-house marketing service. Previously, she led the strategic direction for her clients at IMPACT Branding & Design. She specializes in developing branding and messaging strategies that highlight a client's true differentiators.

  • Words From Our Community

  • Not only did it provide a clear path for building a long-term content strategy, the workshop was also extremely motivating!

    Carly Ries
    Marketing Manager at LifeStarr

  • This workshop was extremely comprehensive and delivered from individuals who are obviously passionate about content. I highly encourage anyone looking to build a strong inbound content strategy from the ground up to register.

    Dan Falco
    Marketing Manager at The National Society of Leadership and Success

  • This isn't just a lesson to sit through - you will leave this workshop with an actionable plan to work with.

    Ashley Lawson
    Client Strategist, Beacons Point

  • Fantastic opportunity for anyone looking to learn how to build out a robust SEO content strategy.

    Chiara Burns
    Digital Content Strategist at Chief Martech Officer

  • This workshop really helped me hone my content strategy skills, and everyone was so helpful and engaged. I highly recommend it!

    Bella Mello
    Inbound Marketing Specialist, Hearst Bay Area

  • The Content Marketing Strategy Workshop was exactly what I needed to sit down and build the foundation of my company's long-term content strategy while bouncing ideas and questions off of an intelligent group of other marketing professionals.

    Brooke Tomasetti
    Marketing Strategist, CurioVision Financial

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