Every Other Thursday @ 12 PM PST

Inbound Marketer's Mastermind Hour

An invitation only mastermind group where you can collaborate with your peers and mentors. Join the weekly inbound marketer's mastermind hour to help others and seek help on unique marketing projects and challenges.

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Join the Inbound Marketer's Mastermind Hour to build meaningful relationships with your peers while helping each other solve unique challenges and come up with creative ideas to test out in your marketing efforts. 


The goal is to have each person walk away with at least one strong idea they can implement.


Seating is limited to 9 presenters/contributors in two breakout rooms. Presenters are selected on a first come first serve basis.


Types of challenges we've collaborated on:

* Marketing budget was slashed due to COVID-19, now what?
* Launching a custom songwriting product and service for a band to help them generate new sources of income as their tour was cancelled
* Targeting communications to your personal LinkedIn network to promote a new content offer



Join the weekly Mastermind Hour to:


  • Get help solving your unique marketing challenges
  • Contribute your creative ideas to help peers solve their challenges
  • Network with inbound marketing professionals and build new meaningful relationships
  • Receive live mentorship from certified inbound marketing masters


Real Example From The Group:


Challenges to solve: "Our company is unable to execute some lines of business as a result of the pandemic, and have thus frozen our marketing budget until further notice. We have upped our LinkedIn posting and publish a blog post once a week, but we’re looking for other free but effective methods of marketing during this time."


Impact: “I appreciate you consolidating these strategies and, of course, talking them through with me! I already have time scheduled tomorrow morning to run through these ideas with my team... My meeting went well and my team was excited with the ideas brought forth. We’re talking to the Sales team this week about the “customer research” (personas) and other team members will be pitching in on blogs to get that strategy going.”


Want to get peer support on your challenge to solve?

In order to be one of the 8 people selected, you must submit your project/challenge to solve 24 hours in advance of the webinar. This is event is invitation only and not all projects submitted will be accepted but all are welcome to listen in on the call.



This Webinar Is In:

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Mastermind Hour Certified Mentor

Hansen Hunt
CEO / Leader Certified Mastery / SD HUG


12:00 pm - 12:10 pm

Welcome, Introductions, and Instructions
Hansen Hunt, CEO,

Certified Mastery

12:10 pm - 12:50 pm

Collaborative Problem Solving

  • Up to eight inbound marketing professionals present their unique challenges in less than one minute
  • Up to three mentors and peers contribute ideas for each challenge (limited to two minutes per idea)
  • Additional ideas submitted through the chat to be included in the office hours wrap-up via email

12:50 pm - 1:00 pm

Office Hours Wrap-Up and Next Steps

Summarizing the ideas and next steps for each inbound professional

What is Certified Mastery?

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Mastery certification programs are peer reviewed, evidence-based, self-paced, and pay as you go in order to take what you have learned and develop mastery of the subject matter. Each professional enrolled is aligned with a mentor (previously certified master) in their field and has access to a community of masters to collaborate and share results with.