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Have you ever wished you had something to show as proof of what you learned at a marketing conference? Does your employer want evidence to prove it was worth paying for you to attend? The answer to that dilemma is digital badging and validated learning. That's exactly what you will get at HUG18.

HUG 2018 Digital Badges 1200w

We are excited to announce the first ever digital badging program at an inbound marketing event. Thanks to our newest sponsor, Portfolium, we have access to tools that can award event attendees digital badges when they attend workshops, complete a series of workshops (eg, the Inbound Strategy track at HUG18), and most importantly you can submit evidence of your work after you've applied what you learned in order to validate you've mastered the skills you learned at HUG18.

Portfolium Logo - 400wPortfolium, a San Diego tech startup, is on a mission to connect learning with opportunity. They focus on helping students display their achievements, work samples, projects, and competencies in an ePortfolio that can be viewed by employers looking for candidates with specific skills they need. A bullet point on a resume doesn't do an applicant any favors. A digital badge with evidence showing where you learned the skill and who validated it is way more impactful.

HUG Inbound Badge

Don't let what you learn at HUG18 go in one ear and out the other. Apply what you learned and have something to show for it with our digital badges.

How it works:

  1. All HUG18 registrants will be enrolled in the program automatically
  2. Attend a session or complete a series of connected sessions
  3. Submit evidence via Portfolium's mobile app showing you completed the workshop (selfie of you with speaker is perfect evidence!)
  4. SD Inbound Marketing's team will verify the evidence submitted and award an Achievement Badge (proving you completed the task!)
  5. Apply what you learned at work
  6. Submit evidence that you applied what you learned
  7. Earn a Competency Badge (proving you know your stuff!)
  8. Get a promotion! 

Ready to earn your badges?!


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This is only a bit of the amazing content you can expect at HUG18 on April 12, 2018 at Liberty Station. Join us for more! There's still time!

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Still have questions about whether HUG18 is the right event for you? Check out our last event recap for more info.

More about our sponsor, Portfolium:

Portfolium is the world’s fastest growing learning and career development network. 2,000+ colleges, universities and high schools use Portfolium to manage and align competency assessment, student success, and career readiness programs. Portfolium’s academic solutions plug students into an open ecosystem of employers, mentors, educators, and peers around the world. Our 3.5M+ users are linked to internships, jobs, and lifelong learning opportunities via ePortfolios that showcase their proven competencies. To learn more about Portfolium’s network for learners and solutions for educators, visit:

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