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A Google search for “marketing events” produces a long list of conferences happening all over the U.S. But if you represent an organization that practices inbound or wants to learn how to implement inbound marketing strategies, there’s no better event on the West Coast than HUG17: Beyond Inbound Marketing.

HUG17 is the only West Coast event bringing you education focused on all things inbound: marketing, sales, operations and design.  


To help convince your boss to send you to HUG17 in San Diego, we’ve created the following email draft.

Subject: Request to attend HUG17: Beyond Inbound Marketing in San Diego

Dear {Decision Maker Name},

There are major shifts happening in the process customers go through when making a buying decision. This shift impacts how companies attract customers in a crowded online marketplace. Instead of traditional advertising they must provide useful content that attracts the right audience, builds trust and nurtures the relationship until a prospect becomes a customer.

On February 2, 2017 HUG17: Beyond Inbound Marketing, the largest inbound marketing event on the West Coast, is making its debut in San Diego. There isn’t another local event like it, which is why so many inbound marketing experts are getting involved – including executive speakers from HubSpot, Wistia, Huify, and many more. Plus, a keynote from Kipp Bodnar, CMO at HubSpot.

I would like to request approval to attend. The education being presented at HUG17 aligns closely with the strategies we are using in 2017 to increase leads, sales and improve marketing operations.

For example:

  • There will be several workshops where I can master different skills related to inbound marketing
  • I will learn about how inbound marketing can support and be leveraged by a sales team.
  • I will learn how to attract more visitors to our website, and the tactics needed to convert them into qualified leads.
  • I will learn how to reduce our cost-per-lead by utilizing content that attracts our target audience.
  • I will be learn how to establish [company name] as a thought leader in the [insert your industry].
  • I will learn how to communicate ideas and data to our audience so they are educated on what they should do to be a leader in their space.

The approximate investment for my attendance is as follows:

Travel costs: {$xxxx}

+ Meals: $0 - Included with registration

+ Conference Pass: $99

= Total Investment $99

We hope this helps convince your boss to send you or your team to HUG17!

Early bird and VIP ticket pricing ends soon!

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