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Why is everybody talking about Messenger? How can you leverage it from a marketing standpoint? Is it true that it will substitute your email inbox?

But wait, you should be the one making your conclusions. Let me share a few pointers so you can understand what’s happening:

  • Facebook Messenger has over 1 billion active users
  • This is more than 2x the active users of Snapchat, Twitter, and Pinterest combined
  • 80% of Facebook messages have a 7-8x higher click-through rate than email

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Don't get caught in the tech dust and jump into this new trend to help grow your audience. Chatbot experts like Sujan Patel or Marni Melrose (both speakers at HUG2018!) have been working for many months now to share their insights and findings in this new, disruptive marketing channel. Sujan explains in his in-depth blog post how you can utilize chatbots for the following scenarios:

  • E-commerce sales. The eBay Shopbot integrates with Facebook Messenger and allows users to shop from within the messenger app itself. They can browse suggested items based on the conversations they have with the chatbot.
  • Increasing conversions. Rosesland, a company that sells flower bouquets online in Mexico, has sold and persuaded people to buy more products thanks to a well-crafted dialogue flow. Who said you have to smell the roses?
  • Increased engagement and customer service. Aviation Infinity is an app that helps pilots make travel planning easier. They built a bot to provide similar functionalities of the native app, allowing users to consult essential information about their flight directly through Messenger. How's that for efficiency?
  • For generating more leads. Meet Yeshi. Created by a partnership between Lokai and Charity: Water, the chatbot helps bring about awareness to the water crisis and brings the user into the story behind the brand.

It’s always great to generate leads, but what happens if you can’t convert them? You’re obviously going to be losing money and valuable time.

In her recent post, HUG 2018 speaker Marni Melrose focuses on a critical point about your marketing process. That is, setting up your leads into a CRM account to make sure that every potential business opportunity is visible in your funnel.

Once you have the full view of how leads will interact with your business through your Messenger bot, it’s important to keep creating relevant content for your audience. Consider your bot a person, and nobody wants to hear the same thing over and over again.

It doesn’t matter how new or shiny this new channel looks like, but first and most importantly you have to understand how does your audience interacts with the platform. Then, nurture the relationship with significant features or information that will help them reach their goals.

For more on chatbots, check out Marni's recap from Social Media Marketing World and be sure to join us this April! 

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