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Wow! Yesterday's #InboundMarketing meetup did not disappoint. Nearly 90 people, not including the audio/visual team, showed up. On top of that it was a typical "perfect weather" day in San Diego and our #StoneBrewing venue continues to feel like just the right place for these events.


Things started off at 3:00 as planned, everybody quickly cashed in their free beer tokens, great munchies (including an incredible tomato, mazzarella and flat bread open-faced sandwich) were being consumed and friends quickly got to  catching up with each other. 

At #InboundMarketing #sdinbound Bob is now talking about the dynamics between a #BabyBoomer Mom & her #Millennial Daughter. Interesting!

— SD INBOUND Marketing (@SanDiegoHUG) April 15, 2016


Thanks to the audio/visual folks the presentations went off without a hitch and it's this writer's opinion that everyone's desire to gain more insight into #InboundMarketing and #HubSpot was more than fulfilled by our two guest speakers.

Hansen Hunt @unomos from @SmartBugMedia started us off with his talk entitled "Aligning SEO With the Buyer's Journey" - a solid explanation of personas and their profound importance to the #InboundMarketing methodolgy. He walked everyone through six steps to ensuring your keyword strategy is aligned with the personas and buyer's journey, then implementing the strategy to on-page SEO. A popular takeaway from the audience was the use of the Q&A platform Quora to find long tail keywords. The last part of Hansen's talk was a Q&A session, with dozen good questions that received equally as good answers.


@BobAfsari from @BizOnMarketSt took over the mic and continued to engage and inform us. His talk entitled "Stop Selling, Start Guiding: How Millennials Have Changed the Conversation" was well done and was backed by some very interesting and compelling data that included a recent field study done at SDSU by him and his team. One of my biggest take-aways was how much impact #Millennials have on influencing decisions, about everyting from travel destinations to what new smart phone to buy, on the part of their parents - #BabyBoomers. Bob's talk also concluded with some very interesting questions from the audience.


Join us next time. We'll be meeting again at the Stone Brewery LIberty Station location, on 6/16, at 3:00, where we'll continue facilitating great conversations and peer to peer collaboration. More to come on that.


Download the slides from our event below!


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