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If you're still not sure about joining us for our July 30th 2015 #SDHUG, we've listed a few good reasons why you really need to attend:


1. Our venue this for the event is one of the most beautiful restaurants in San Diego. Stone Brewing Co.’s Liberty Station location will make you feel as trendy as ever, and you’ll leave the event wanting to visit again.

2. The drinks will be stellar and local. Stone Brewing Co. is the largest brewery in Southern California, and they have an expansive collection of craft beers and other drinks.

3. Appetizers will be served, and since they’re coming from the venue itself we doubt they’ll be anything but fantastic. (You’ll basically be getting boatloads of free artisan food)

4. Our speakers are seriously knowledgeable and widely respected. Steve Haase and Melodie Tao have spoken at events all over the US, so this isn’t their first rodeo. They know their stuff and they want to teach you!




5. Melodie Tao (aka Marketing Melodie) will be discussing “Why Inbound Marketing & Social Media Are Best Friends” and giving you a variety of cutting-edge info on how your business can utilize social media. (Hint: It’s not by adding 12 emojis to the end of every tweet)

6. Steve Haase is going to break down "Mastering Inbound Sales: Technical Tips and Selling Strategies for the New Buying Process". You'll learn how to calm the friction between marketing and sales & prove marketing's value to all stakeholders, how great customer service can become your biggest sales tool, and what assets should marketing create to best equip sales reps.

7. Our speakers will be addressing your specific questions. Melodie and Steve will be taking audience inquiries and joining the crowd after their presentations to chat with you! If you’ve got any burning questions about marketing this event will answer them.

8. You’ll get to connect with a wide variety of other marketing professionals in a casual and relaxed environment. This event won’t be your average board room meeting.

9. It’s the best excuse to leave early your boss has ever heard. The conversation will probably end with “Can I come too?”. Don’t miss out on the best #SDHUG event yet.


Register now to secure your ticket to the best inbound marketing event in San Diego!


Register for the 7/30 HUG


Event Schedule

Check-in & Networking: (3 PM - 3:30PM) Grab a pint and meet your fellow inbound marketers.

Speaker Prep: (3:30 – 3:40) 10 Minutes to make sure everyone is checked in, has some food, and is ready to learn!

Steve Haase: (3:40PM - 4:30PM) HubSpot eCommerce Inbound Marketing Consultant. Topic: "Mastering Inbound Sales: Technical Tips and Selling Strategies for the New Buying Process". In this interactive session, participants will discover:

  • How to calm the friction between marketing & sales and prove marketing's value to all stakeholders
  • How great customer service can become your biggest sales tool
  • What assets should marketing create to best equip sales reps

Melodie Tao: (4:45PM - 5:45PM) (AKA Marketing Melodie). Topic: "Why Inbound Marketing & Social Media Are Best Friends". Brands are often faced with confusion on what content is effective to post and how to find time to incorporate social media into their marketing strategy. During this presentation you will learn about the important role social media plays in generating inbound leads and how to enhance your current profiles to get more leads. You will leave the event with the following information to implement immediately:

  • Specific updates you need to make on popular social networks to generate more inbound leads.
  • How to be a subject matter expert on social media in your specific industry so customers seek you out in time of need.
  • How to be more efficient when creating and posting content on social media so you can focus on nurturing your inbound leads.

Group Discussion / Wrap-Up: (5:45PM - 6:15PM) An informal Q&A session to address your questions and help you immediately apply what we just discussed. Also a great time to try all of the delicious beers.

Social Hour: We will hang out at the bar after the presentations and get to know all of you amazing people. This is a great time to pick our brains, especially the limitless inbound knowledge of our guest speakers.


Still not convinced?

Why not gather the troops and use the night as a morale booster? Bring your team and listen to what knowledge our speakers have to share, all while enjoying food and drinks at Stone Brewery World Bistro & Gardens!


Register for the 7/30 HUG


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