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This year I was able to trek across the country to participate in the Inbound 2017 conference, this was the first time and it will definitely not be my last.

I boarded the plane back home not only with a suitcase stuffed with souvenirs and great swag but with a mind buzzing with new knowledge.

Here is what I want to share about my experience:

It’s ok to be yourself:

It's ok to be yourself. Inbound had such a positive impact on the way I now carry myself and conduct my business. Inspiring keynotes like Michelle Obama, John Cena, and Mario Batali just to quote a few. Shared the importance of being authentic.

So many times in business we get caught up looking and chasing the competition that we forget who we really need to be looking at, ourselves.

“There is enough room in this world for all of us, but there is not enough for all of us to be the same” - Alexandria Tomayko

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Business is a Team effort:

“Every person on your team is a vector. Your progress is determined by the sum of all vectors.”

When your team is all on the same frequency the vectors move in the same direction and you have a bigger impact.

business is a team effort-787490-edited.png

Getting your whole team on board is crucial for business development as well as to maintain it. A key to having everyone on board is to build a strong company culture, yes it is important for companies to have a vision and mission to aim for, but people come and stay for the company culture.

Great read the Culture Code, created by HubSpot Co-Founder Dharmesh Shah.

Converting likes into leads:

This is always an uphill battle that many marketers face, especially being in the peak of social media that we find ourselves in.

Plenty of companies and marketers face the problem of not having visible ROI to justify the investment that is social media. Yet are aware that it is a necessary evil.

Sherron Washington broke it down so wonderfully.

“PR gets you seen marketing gets you leads, sales get you paid.”

Converting likes into leads-821708-edited.jpg

This explains SM to those who do not see the use. Social Media as well as other forms of marketing are the bridge between start (brand awareness) and finish (sales).

Sherron shared a categorization of  Social Media Channels:

  • Facebook = Watercooler
  • LinkedIn= Boardroom
  • Instagram = Storefront
  • Twitter = Newsroom

With this break down it is easier to attract your ideal client. Taking them through the process of,  like you, get to know you & trust you.

Sherron urges us to really engage with our followers and speak with them, not just like and pass. Have a conversation and get to know your following , don't just try to sell them.

“People ultimately buy from people they like, know & trust.”


Chatbots are the new rage! During the conference, Hubspot creators unmasked their new chatbot program that will be integrated into the software to enhance the customer experience.


Sitting in Adelyn Zhou’s chat about how to win customers using artificial intelligence she was able to explain the difference between Chatbots & AI.

Also explaining of the uses and that this can help enhance the user experience by automating chats so clients can have questions responded to right away without taking away time or needing additional staff to reply to the client.

Getting referrals from clients:

Steve Gordon writer of Unstoppable referrals developed a genius system to ensure that at least each client will give you 5 - 50 referrals.

In any industry especially being an entrepreneur referrals are crucial to maintaining a healthy and evolving client base.

Steve urges you to create what he calls a “Referral Kit”  offering useful information that the referee can share with colleagues, thus taking away the added salesman pressure that is usually present when referrals are requested.

By giving the referee the kit this is a gift for their network vs them having to sell you or your products.

Overall it was an amazing experience, I was able to sit in front of great people I respect in the industry as well as meet inspiring new people in almost every event.

For those who are wanting to branch out in the way you think and practice marketing Inbound is a great place to start. The environment is nurturing and educational which is the best way to learn and evolve.

My calendar is marked for Inbound18, hope to see you there.

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